Roberto Jacoby

Darkroom (2002 y 2005)

Video-installation performance. 2002, Belleza y Felicidad. 2005, Malba.

I am not a clown (2001)

Belleza y Felicidad Gallery. Instalation with photographs and sound.

I have aids (1994)

Media campaign with printed t-shirts

Decadance (1989)

Opera Theater, Buenos Aires. General production of a multimedia show.

Recrudece (1982)

Olympia Theatre, Buenos Aires. Stage design and costumes.

A guerrilla fighter does not die to be hung up on the wall) (1968)

Screen painting, included in Sobre magazine.

Automatic Circuit (1967)

1967. Intervention. Stickers and answering machine. Buenos Aires.

Working Sign (1966)

Intervention. Water painting, green pigment. Córdoba City. 2004. Reconstruction.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad