Florencia Levy


The word "Baqueano" is a South American term used to designate a person who is familiar with the paths and byways of a territory, its physical characteristics and the language and customs of its people where he usually belongs. By extension applies to anyone who is particularly skilled and experienced in a specific territory.
During four years of travels, I’ve been guided myself from the encounters with people I’ve met in different places. Trough a series of interviews I asked people to tell me something specific about the locations and their personal relations with the site and history, trying to recognize a place that is not there but in the memory of the people.

3 channel HD video installation

Useful Addresses (2007)

Different types of plants collected during a day walk through Rosario city. Each bottle has printed the address and conditions (order / theft / loan) they were taken from. After the exhibition the plants will be transferred to Buenos Aires to be transplanted, waiting to grow up healthy and strong.

Local Tourism (2007)

Local tourism is a video based on journeys made through Buenos Aires, the images are the interiors of the hotels where I stayed (fixed takes with environment sound). Subtitles are taken from the diary I carry during the journey.

140 expedition (Central Post – Boulogne Station) (2006)

The route of the 140 bus: video, notes, objects, moss with reference plane, drawings, postcards and soundtrack.

Soundtrack: Franco Antonelli

Return scene (2006)

Durlock plate, floating floor, insulation, ceiling moldings, socket, cable channel, outlet, led lights, wall and doors accessories.

2 rooms.kitchen.bathroom-NEW compl.front.blcny.all newly painted. (2006)

180x150 cm.

San Cristobal (2006)

180x150 cm.

Mr. Torres. (2005)

1000 flyers distributed in an afternoon nearby the home of Mr. Torres.

Expedition 6 Villa Soldati. Puerto Nuevo (2005)


V. Soldati (2005)

20x30 cm.

2 rooms.kitchen.bathroom-NEW compl.front.blcny.all newly painted (2005)

About 2 rooms.kitchen.bathroom-NEW compl.front.blcny.all newly painted: Series of photographs taken during trips made thourgh the city to the role of someone looking for apartments in rent.

Local Tourism (postal) (2004-2005)

About Local Tourism (postal): During my tours around the city I carry on a diary where I logged anecdotes and notes that I organize following the narrative structure of a cinema screenplay which I afterwards edit as a postcard and mail it to acquaintances, friends and families from the hotels where I stayed.

Local Tourism (2004-2005)

Series slides, color and black and white photographs taken during vacations in Buenos Aires, where I was sleeping every night in a different hotel down town.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad