Analia Zalazar

Night (2012)

Acrylic and oil pastel on varnished satin

Blue (2011)

Acrylic on varnished acrilic

Little artificial garden (2013)

China, Chenille wire, plants, painting

Forest (2013)

pencil and embroidery on satin

Landscape to go (2013)

Acrylic on plastic


Pruning (2013)

collage on satin

Azucenas (2012)

Acrylic on varnished satin


Carnival (2011)

collage-painting on varnished satin

Pot with red flowers (2011)

Painting-collage on varnished satin

You (2011)

Collage-painting on varnished silk

Garden (2010-2014)

Love (2009)

Collage-painting on varnished satin

Green Water (2009)

Collage-painting on varnished satin

China (2008)

Ballpoint pen, marker, wool, and so on varnished satin

Summer (2008)

Acrylic, marker, on varnished satin

Rosal (2008)

Markers, acrylic, tape, plastic bags.

Malvon (2008)

Ballpoint pen, acrylic, plastic ball on varnished satin

Green Wind (2007)

Collages / Paintings on satin

maisonTRASH (2006/2010)

maison TRASH is an art collective formed by me and Mirtha Bermegui, which crosses art, fashion and recycling.
It is the production of handmade wearable pieces, made from scraps of fabrics are they were found. Part of this project is a golden fabric mobile boutique which is installed in site specific.

Thrown away 2 (2004)


Thrown (2003)


Colección (2013)

Acrylic on varnished satin

Love and cups (2008)

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad