Anahí Cáceres

Anahí Cáceres

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Against Humanity [Lesa Humanidad] (2007)

For the 30° Anniversary of Argentina’s military coup d'état (2006)

XXI Century, Landscape, picture taken of the video installation (2005)

2,50m x 2,50m x 1,80m

XXI Century, Landscape – the exhibition [Siglo XXI, Paisaje – la muestra] (2005)

archivo flash

Drive and sequences, the exhibition [Pulsión y secuencias, la muestra] (2004)

8 minutos

XXI Century Walls [Muros del Siglo XXI] (2004)

YIWE-YIWEb - the project (2001)

YIWE-YIWEb – movie for performance
YIWE-YIWEb – outline of the project uploaded in the web

Violence on Line festival [TN: originally in English] (2001)

Original Lost 6 (extract) (1997)

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