Mara Facchin

Almohadon (2008)

Print on cloth

Room (2008)

Print on cloth, printed mounted cardboard

Entrance (2007)

Print on cloth

Jug (2006)

Jarra is part of a series of objects made of cut glass and printed.

Cane (2005)

print on vinyl fabric

Chair for canvas in frame (2005)

Print on cloth

Provisional landscape (2004)

Digital prints, figures of houses made of cardboard and ribbed frame.

8 perfectly identical houses (2003)

Videostill. Synopsis : A special group of suburban houses and the history that runs through them.

Magazines (2001-03)

The covers of these magazines are versions of real pop magazines, their content - blank leaves.

Barrios 3D (2000)

Print on paper, backlight

Countries (1999)

Digital photomontage. Lambda print. Series composed for nine works.

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