Carolina Senmartin

Carolina Senmartin

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Paradises (2007)

one inhabits, the place one would like to live in, whether such a place exists or not, or if it’s linked to a special location. Why Cuba? Because of its natural characteristics, its touristic industry, and specially, its sociopolitic situation.

Editon: Asori Soto
Production: Marialina Rodriguez
Coordination: Dalila López Arbolay

The Avellaneda Garden (2006)

Profiles on black poosterboard, tree branches, lamp with revolving patterns and board easel. El Basilisco, 2006. Group of drawings from wild vegetable species collected in the urban area of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Interiors (2006)

There are no arbors in the field, in the forest or in the jungle: just in parks. These are devices to contemplate a geometrized nature, compressed within the infinite city grid.
What would happen is the bet for artifice is rised and this device is moved to the interior of these urban houses that need the garden so as to lie themselves that they are still within a natural environment?

Text: Carlos Balzi
Wood construction: Francisco Fernandez

Balloons (2003)

Silk paper and threads. In córdoba there is a old tradition in which, for the New Year celebrations, people lift small hot air balloons to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year to come, this is often linked to wishes of prosperity and a spirit of renewal. In this work, balloons were released from its traditional function and mounted on space without the necessary device so as to lift in the air.

Catalogations (2002 / 2005)

Not so long time ago it drawn my attention the eagerness that my family put on keep using broken and reconstructed objects. I started a photographic registry of such pieces and wondering about their origin and usage. I propose myself to do a catalogue, imitating the system used in museums, and generating this a document that identifies its own history.

TV collage (2002 / 03)

By taking small fragments of local and latin-american soap-operas, a new story is constructed, using the mediums and technology resources of an average TV viewer, Fragments selected respond to genre stereotypes and emotional representations.

juuhfooo (2000)

Fiord Installation; group of 40 high-impact objects mounted on a wall and built from drawings made out of the empty spaces left between the branches of a tree.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad