Graciela Taquini

Border line (2007)

2007 | 2,60 color, 3D and 2D animation
Direction: Graciela Taquini
Design: audiovisual Gabriel Rud
Sound Design: Gonzalo Biffarella
Locution: Sivia Atwood
Thanks to: Osde Foundation and Maimónides University

Synopsis: This video was made for an intervention project in the broken elevator of the Osde Foundation for the exhibition Pampa City and Suburb, 2007. curated by Laura Malosetti Costa. The audience went into an elevator -cage like- of the building and pressed a knob to operate the video that turned out to be an advertisement for a satellite monitoring. Using a sensor, the elevator’s light began to blink, at a certain point of the projection a blackout announced the end of the video, when the situation was thinning.
A mixture of horror and science fiction, emerged as a paranoid Orwellian landscape, but where the hunter can be hunted. Or the user can have a margin of freedom and disconnect.
This piece has several versions: an English version robotic voice, a European version that took as monitoring center the University of Barcelona and the University of Valencia for an exhibition in 2008.
"The intervention of Graciela Taquini in the elevator of the room –what more claustrophobic than elevators- points directly to the current methods of control, measurement and monitoring in every inch of the modern planet. The information provided by satellites and encoded by the Internet has led cartographic record to undreamed levels of precision, even identifying the image with the subject represented. Taquini invites the viewer's paranoia by tightening the tension of the horrific scope of technology in the service of order, monitor, control: an old and ever-present aspiration of technological modernity” Malosetti Laura Costa, Catalog of Pampa, city and suburbs, Osde Foundation.

Secrets (2007)

Video co directed along with Gabriela Larrañaga and Teresa Puppo.

Sublime / Banal (2004)

See video at:
Idea and direction: Graciela Taquini
Camera: Vanesa Saimovici
Music and Edition: FANFARRIA
Special Thanks to Ciudad Abierta Channel.
Stand ARTE BA 2004; The Collecting, Contemporary Space MALBA, November 2004
Video Bardo Poetry Video Festival, Malba Buenos Aires, December 2004.
Macadamia Festival, Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires, July 2005
Mercosur Cultural Space, Montevideo, Uruguay, May 2005
Latin American Film Festival, Distant Parallels, Chicago's Gene Siskel Film USA, September 2005
Maimonides University, Art Media, 2005
Brazil 15 Video Festival, 1st Place State of Art, San Pablo, September 2005
Book Fair of Santo Domingo. April 2006-03-29
National Endowment for the Arts, Buenos Aires, April 2006
Freewaves Festival, Los Angeles, November 2006
Video Zone Festival, Tel Aviv, November 2006
Acquired by the media library of the Caixa Forum in Barcelona and the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

11 min
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad