Roberto Padilla

Déjà Vu (2005)

Cell phone multimedia
190 digital shots and sound track in Palm Treo, acrylic box and headphones.
15 x 30 cm.
Special Mention at the National Show of Visual Arts / New Mediums (Palais de Glace – 2006).
Selected for the National Show of Rosario (Castanigno Museum – 2007).
“Déjà Vu” is a series of 190 low-fi, spontaneous shots, taken chronologically on the same day, with my own cell phone. They are meant to be shown with music, and to refer to the monotony of the working class in urban centers. Format: personal log or family album.

Palm Inc. Argentina / PersonALLY

VJ Live Set - Synesthesia/Fugue "Preview 2008" (Microcine CCRecoleta) (2008)

Jam session + visual. Music: Braulio D´Aguirre (Los Auténticos Decadentes, El Signo, Los 7 Delfines, UltraTango), Korg M1, Peak in Mac Ibook Clamshell; Visual: Roberto Padilla, Modul8 in MacBook Pro. Producer: Luis Marte. ///////// YOUTUBE:
Part 1 y 2: [ ],
Part 3: [ ],
Part 4: [ ],
Sort: [ ],
Short: [ ].

The Cinderella (2008)

Still (video: 3´00). // To be shown at Optica 2008, International Festival of Video Art (Spain). /// “Cinderella” is a counterpoint between the romantic dreams and hopes of the classic children’s tale, and real lives of prostitutes in Buenos Aires.
WATCH:[ ].

Curated by María Gnecco

Crimson Drones Mx (2008)

Produced with Ableton Live + Sony Sound Forge. Live recording of the musical set of the audio-visual installation “My version of your story (to Luis)” – Crimson Gallery, June 6th, 2008.

My versions of your story (to Luis) (2008)

Audio visual installation
Size and duration may vary.
Slides, projector, digital images, Palm Treo 680, sound tracks, sound systems and notebook.

Audio: tracks created using sound from the Internet, sampled, looped and mixed with Ableton Live and Sony Sound Forge in MacBookPro.
Source: TheFreesoundProyect (Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0).

Crimson Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Acuña de Figueroa 1800, Palermo.
June 6th through July 1st, 2008.

Box Set 2DVDs + AudioCD + 1 original slide.
Limited edition of 7.

“My versions of your story (to Luis)” is an audio visual installation that combines three personal artistic intentions: slides I found on the streets, pictures I took with a cell phone and sounds I stole from the Internet. My versions of your story (to Luis) crosses technology, languages, mediums, times and generations, but it basically overlaps the memories of this anonymous Luis with my own memories, and also with the memories of the audience. It’s an attempt to recover emotions, smells, colors, presences, enclosed in time –distant and close, foreign and one’s own– through a sample and remix of images and sounds, creating an uncertain emotional atmosphere. After all, if Benjamin is not right, this images still have an aura, in spite of it’s mechanical reproduction. An aura that this exhibition wants to rescue…

Text by Maria Gnecco.

Fairy Tale (2007)

Catálogo de moda intervenido
25 págs.
Serie de 23 piezas independientes, impresión láser
21 x 30 cm

21 x 30 cm

Cinderellas (2007)

Intervention on a catalogue. 15x20 cm (2007)

The world is extremely beautiful (or Art according to Michaud) (2007)

Formally, this piece is a legal document addressed to the MACRO’s Beauty Parlour. It is a document mentioning all the surnames of the Argentine contemporary artists that are part of the museum’s collection and catalogue. This work is a kind of dialogue with Michaud (his book “Art in a gaseous state” starts out with the sentence that I use as a title, and it states that one should not mention artists, since nowadays art is everywhere and it floods everything –similar to a gas–, and the person of the artist has lost significance), with Dickie’s “magical finger” thesis, that selects who stays and who goes. I used this legal document –a piece of paper proving certainty– because I am a lawyer, and one of my artistic interests is bringing art into my profession, a world with a complete lack of beauty.

Mute Comixxx (Lorem Ipsum) (2007)

Composition of self-portraits and digitalized images using a webcam. Series of six independent pieces. Selected for the Metrovías Photography Award (CCBorges – 2007)

(in-e)volution (2006)

Produced with: Ableton Live + Sony Sound Forge.
Licence: (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5).
Selected for the audio-visual “Fortuitous Nature” – Jurassic Fugue 8 (Museum of Natural History 2006).
Chance: those subtle threads of creation… even musical creation, as in “(in-e)volution)”. That chance is, so to speak, not at random: it has a meaning. Which one? What a question! Mankind is sick and tired of that old mumbo jumbo. I am sick and tired of that mumbo jumbo. Are you sick and tired of that mumbo jumbo? Meanwhile, a mantra sounds: ephemeral, just as life.

Miss Sixties (2006)

Drawings on magazines. 28 x 22 cm. (2006)

Etiqueta Negra (after Rocca) (2006)

Intervention on graphic
Series of five framed pieces
(Christ, Prices, Jacket, She, He)
36x29 each one.
“Etiqueta Negra (afer Rocca)” was born as a book: a conceptual-plastic intervention in a fashion catalogue of Etiqueta Negra, the clothing brand. The artistic idea was to take over the brand speech and deviate it using irony. The texts and drawings added to the fashion catalogue contrast with the existing images, creating a naïve and yet disturbing story. Afterwards, from that book, five pages were (accidentally) detached and framed to form this bi-dimentional series.

Monotonous (pos)modern life (2003)

Selected for the Aerolíneas Argentinas Award (MNBA - 2003)

Real photo (The Art is) (2009)

A.Dayan - R.Padilla - A.Tosso - M.Pelissier - G.Serulnikoff
FOTO REAL (El Arte es)
Una ficcion esteticajuridicasociologica
Instalacion - contrato, flyers, imagen digital, texto
18 mts x 3 mts
ECuNHi - Buenos Aires - septiembre/octubre 2009.

18 mts x 3 mts

(de)light #4 (2004)

Digital photography, spontaneous composition. On Duratrans. Series of 4 separate backlights. 40x60 cm each. (2004).

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad