María Gnecco

Untitled Blue [Sín Título Azul] (2008)

110 cm x 165 cm

Living in Brightness: New self-reflecting Enamels [Vivir en el Brillo: Los Nuevos Esmaltes Autorreflejantes] (2007)

150 cm x 150 cm

New Dimensions of Brightness [Las Nuevas Dimensiones del Brillo] (2007)

140 cm x 250 cm

Com Madeira e Piso de Borracha Para Criar un Banheiro Descontraído [TN: originally in Portuguese] (2006)

180 cm x 180 cm

What can you find at the end of your hallway? Ideas for reviving those neglected areas (2006)

120cm x 120cm

Roofs that delimit and confuse space. How to get rid of being closed (2006)

200 cm x 160 cm

How to recycle your home in two days. The best advice to be the best. (2006)

180 cm x 180 cm

The Dishes Device: A most useful Hole [El Pasaplatos: Un Agujero Utilísimo] (2005)

150 cm x 200 cm

The happy taste of the Flourished Ones [El Sabor Feliz de los Floreados] (2005)

180 cm x 180 cm

The serene radiance of White [La Serena Luminosidad del Blanco] (2005)

100 cm x 100 cm

Klein aber fein [TN: originally in German] (2005)

165 cm x 200 cm