Margarita Wilson-Rae

The setback of the forest # 1 (2008)

In "The setback of the forest", like in other works of digital editing where I explore the genre of landscape and garden, the starting point is an encounter in nature. An encounter with some situations that I analyze and grasp to create a scene, which through infinite fragments restores the infinite complexity of reality. In the process, two methods are mixed. On one hand the rigorous activity of sorting and classification through catalogs and drafts the fragments and photographic inventories. On the other, the assembly activity where, layer by layer, different situations that are mismatched get linked with its referent, generating an imaginary story.

40cm x 200cm

The setback of the forest # 2 (2008)

40cm x 200cm

Garden #1- #2. (2007)

63cm x 63cm c/u

Garden #3- #4. (2007)

63cm x 63cm c/u

Garden (2007)

80cm x 150cm

Landscape #1 (2007)

85cm x 150cm

Landscape #2 (2007)

40cm x 100cm c/u

Eye Magnifying Glass (2007)

"Eye Magnifying Glass" is a project I developed in Baltar Contemporary space in 2007. Along with the digital editing work "Garden", I presented a development of the "virtual workshop". For the first time I showed the method of construction of an image, ie fragments, drafts, photomontages and other operations that make up the work. The interesting thing about this experience were the questions that loomed, does it make sense to show the “kitchen”? Reveal the secret of the construction? Or perhaps, from the final image you can actually speak of the process and maybe in that ignorance on the construction of the work is where the interest lies, the ambiguity and the strangeness.
When thinking about methods of collection, accumulation, aggregation and classification, as captured in the wild, I was akin to the figure of the naturalist and his scientific methodologies.


Catalogues (2006/2008)

35cm x 21cm c/u

Guardians (2006)

195cm x 345cm

The voyage (2005)

120cm x 200cm

Pending (2005)

68cm x 250cm
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