Roberto Echen

Community [Community] (2007-8)

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Weding [Boda] (2007)

Ceremony. Wedding, above everything, a reaffirmation, a reelection: the election to be with someone and ground it in that I believe in. From the previous comes what I call a reaffirmation, the reaffirmation of an election I’ve done a long time ago: art. So the place occupied by the wedding is sustained by risk and uncertainty other those safe and static principles.
In the ceremony, the minister (Fernando Farina, as an authority in the art field), in the moment of asking us the question would say: ¿Robert, do you offer Gabriela marriage from the uncertain, vague and indeterminate timing proposed by contemporary art ?
Followed by Gabriela’s acceptation question
I can say that up to this day, we share our lives in common.
Roberto Echen [rechen]

Information (2007)

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Home stripper [Home Stripper] (2005-6)

4 videos

Is it contemporary?(series) [Es contemporáneo? (serie)] (2004 - (work in progress))

150 x150 cm

Your symphony [Your Symphony] (2004)

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[Paint_on_canvass] (series) [[pintura_sobre_tela] (serie)] (2000 - puede continuar)

150 x 150 cm c/u.
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad