Belén Romero Gunset

Abstract energy (2011)

I did it after “Roto” (Broken). In this action I wanted to work with the idea of reversibility in opposition to “Roto” (Broken), so I drew a circle on the garage floor at Di Tella University and I placed chairs, tables and boxes borrowed from the University in one pile. I stacked all of them once I started unstacking and stacking them back many times moving around the circle.
This action includes the idea of Entropy and reversibility, the latter involved doing something without adversely affecting the system.

2 hours

My dog's band (2011)

I did this art work in an art space called “La Fabrica” (the factory) that certainly is an old factory and also an experimental art place.
I did this work in the bathroom, I locked myself into a cubicle and I filled it with newspapers rolls up to the top. Then I stepped and mashed them repeatedly. My intention was to fill the cubicle with mashed newspapers.
I gave this performance 3 times; as the public couldn’t see me because I was inside the cubicle I used two security cameras to show the live action and two monitors, one inside the bathroom showing a previously recorded video and the other in the exhibition room showing the live action. A very annoying dog barking taped sounds were played throughout all the performance.

4 days, 4 hours each day.

BROKEN (2011)

In this case I broke things, for 7 days; 8 hours each day non-stop.
Previously I collected a lot of useless objects from garbage cans in the streets. Many friends also gave me some things such as a refrigerator, some tables, sofas, radios, clothes, lamps, books, etc.
This action aimed to break these useless objects as a criticism of the ecological problem and a possible answer to it. Throughout the whole performance I thought over the physics concept of the Entropy and I worked really hard beyond my psychical limits because I wanted to do a really radical performance and fortunately I made it.

7 days, 7 hours each day
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad