Mariana Chiesa

Mariana Chiesa

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Under lovely pants [TN: originally in English] (2006)

Limited edition of 90 underpants handprinted for Papabubble. They were exhibited for Saint Valentine’s day. From that day on, the images were subjected to a series of transformations, leaving the protagonists’ identity partially hidden. Barcelona February-April 2006.

I’m a delicate garment [Soy una prenda delicada] (2006)

Silk screen printing on textile, stamped by the author (limited editions)

A few recurring dreams [Unos cuantos sueños reiterados] (2005)

Shipwrecked or nothing | Rain or cry [Náufraga o nada | Lluvia o llanto] Mixed media and silk screen printing on fabric.

Pañuelos (2005)

Serigrafía sobre pañuelos de dama

Wallpaperdoll [TN: originally in English] (2005)

Serigraphy on wallpaper. 70 cm x variable height

Intimo con un espíritu peludo /Intimate with a hairy spirit [TN: original name] (2005)

It’s ink over arches paper.

Dark Drawings [Dibujos Oscuros] (2005)

Pencil, ink and coal on paper || Lost Diana | Don’t love me anymore || [Diana perdida | No me quieras más]

Singer-Killer doll [TN: originally in English] (2005)

Mixed media. Multiple prototype.

Disarmed [Desarmada] (2005)

Xylography on Japanese paper, plastic bag and sewn

There’s no time to play [No hay tiempo para jugar] (2003 / 2005)

Storybook of child laborers. Collected by Sandra Arenal. 27 images done in linoleum. Edited by Media Vaca, Valencia, 2004. There is an edition of the original linoleums on Kozo paper (14 copies which are numbered and printed by its author). Bologna ilustrators exhibition. Bologna children´s book Fair. Italy. 2003. Cálamo’s extraordinary prize. Zaragoza. Spain. 2005. ”White Raven” to the best books for young people awarded by Munich’s library. 2005. Exhibition in Sins Entido. Madrid. 2005

Clothes to Heal [Ropa para Curar] (2002)

Instalation done with lithographies and mixed media on Japanese paper. Exhibited in the FAD, Tallers Oberts 2002. Barcelona.

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