Anabel Vanoni

Clean (2009)

performance: Anabel Vanoni
photo: Eric Morales Dr. Morbito
actions under the skin of the city
14 live performances at cultural showcases in the Metro Pino Suarez.
Tuesday, 16 June 2009. Mexico City, Mexico.
This piece is based on the character XAPANA of the Orixa (pantheon of African American religion) Of the pests and diseases that holds power over them, so as to cause it as to heal it + winks of Huichol and Bolivians rituals.
The artist embodies the healing with color loops that sweep the miseries of this life ... slowly singing and cleaning deliberate maps, projecting on each of those who dare to pose, the look on their polychrome dimension.
As a kind of deity sitting full of ribbons and dancing, imperceptibly from side to side ... invites people to write their wishes on yellow ribbons to heal and knot them to grant their wills.

12 a 20 hs.

They (2009)

LOVE OF MY LIFE exhibition. Masottatorres Contemporary Art Gallery.

110 x 145 cm.

Offering (2008)

Silver women offered during the dawn to the sea. Beaches of Tulum, Mayan waters. October 2008.

1 hour 10 min

Blush (2007)

Performance on the lakeside.
vanoni & morbito + jungle in gestation.
Offering to Yemanjá and to Oxum.
Both goddesses of waters, salt and freshwater.
Orixás from the Afroamerican Pantheon linked to fertility.
I bring Selva Blue in my belly, my daughter ... the three, along with my life partner and father of the child offer such action along the water, uniting people with ribbons / blue umbilical cords from my belly toward his body, each one decides how and where to cut his own cord. A ritual that celebrates the meeting of two worlds ... the primary uterine-aqueous and the ordinary–everyday like.
Photo documentation: Antonio Juarez
Centro Cultural Los Lagos
Walking to the lakes s / n - Centro Xalapa, Veracruz. Mexico.

20 min aprox.

Entramarte (2007)

Art collective - spatial intervention. Entijuanarte 06 / CECUT (Centro Cultural Tijuana) Tijuana. Baja California. Mexico.

2 days, 7 hs. each day

Underground / aero (2006)

During 1,10 hours 2 green and rhizomatic women talk with their bodies from the earth to the surface. One buries her feet to her knee in front of a tree... the other trails like underground stem and grows
Horizontally with her body, emitting roots and shoots to people watering eyes.
RHIZOME: artistic international strategy of contemporary art
ICBC. Instituto de Cultura de Baja California.

1hour, 10 min

Women plotting (or spider milk) (2006)

Performance installed for 8 hours.
Showcase of the Pino Suarez subway.
E. Neira (Chile) & A. Vanoni (Arg)
2 women that make up blood ties
2 women that make up and hatch their thirst for maternal milk
actions and dumb gestures or perhaps written
... Visual poetry through a window.
2 women from different lands
Unite, plot a near future
Overflow stereotypes of femininity.
One works with your body
other works with the verb
2 colors both try to breathe despite the relentless gaze of the other.
SUBCUTANEOUS / actions under the skin of the city.
Project Poplar University Museum in the subway. Mexico DF.

8 hs.

Purification (2006)

National Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos. Historical Center / Mexico City.
7 hours suspended from purple ropes and her long black hair divided into 4 braids.
Undergoes a transformation.
Every now and she gets water from a man who climbs a silver ladder to quench her thirst
She waits.
She mutates.
It purifies her body and spirit in a performance ritual.
Gives the voices of ancestors who invaded her ... receives them, celebrates them in a dance downhill that awakes desolation.
She disappears and reappears again and again, sneaky ... Purified ... only the elect may experience.
Photo documentation: Antonio Juarez

7 hs. aprox.

SEA BLUE (2006)

I.U.N.A. / Buenos Aires Argentina
Japanese-Argentine Performance Exchange.
This Japanese-Argentine exchange had the visits of Seishi Shimoda, Makoto Maruyama, Masayo Yokota, Osamu Kuroda, Noriko Ohashi and Wumao Wutam guest from Taiwan.
The Argentinian performers were Veronica Allocati Argentines, Carina Ferrari, Norberto J. Martinez, Monica Garcia, Claudio Braier, Luczkow Marcos, Miguel Buenaventura, Gabriela Alonso, Nelda Ramos, Cecilia Nazar, Mary Hellemeyer, Silvio de Gracia, Vanessa Genlote, Jacqueline Miller, Martin Molinaro, Anabel Vanoni, Anahí Cáceres, Guadalupe Neves and Javier Sobrino . The artist Alfredo Portillo - one of the pioneers in this discipline in Argentina and teacher of new generations of performers - spoke as a representative of the Argentinian community with the delegation of Asia.

10 minutos aprox.

Crossroads (2006)

Performance at the window, installation in the showcase and interior staircase of the CCEBA.
"Crossroads" curated by G. Taquini - M. Calcagno / A. Vanoni
CCEBA - Spainnish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires (June-July)
"... From the window of the sacred space CCEBA Florida, echoing the '60s, the ceremonial happening is more folk rather pop. Anabel, as a mythical gypsy virgin as a Frida from Buenos Aires, as goddess self wraps in her red hair for receiving gifts while we are led to an ascending scale towards the blue sky. "

Graciela Taquini
June 2005. Buenos Aires Argentina.
Photo documentation: Maria Elena Mendez

5 hours aprox.

11 healing being (2004 / 200...)

Performance / photo / object / installation. Work in progress. 11 Healing women (Argentina). 11 Healing women (Mexico). Eleven women are invited to take part of the Healing Women project. They are all from different ages and come from different atmospheres. Each will have the power to heal a physical, mental or spiritual condition up to their choice.

11 healing dolls (2005)

We present the 11 dolls on a display (micro-intervention) in the CCEBA - Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires, the dolls were created departing from the photographic record of the 11 healing women performance, and had a live performance on the opening day, "Crossroads", awash in red, in the window of the CCEBA, where the 11 women and their children will participate.

41 cm each one

Healing Dolls (2004)

Photo performances.
5 pictures of 120 x 80 cm each, offered up items (purchased, found, inherited, gifted, chosen ...) and shelves 80 x 8 x 1cm.
"... Vanoni presents a series of photographs: healing dolls, pictures of her dolls / goddesses / virgins seem to have no dogmas nor authority to disclose them, neither we are forced to any belief. The photographs show the static figure, doll like / Goddess just gestated and exposed to our eyes implying an open but unfinished dialogue. Dresses and masks invaded and climbed their bodies as forming a troubling iconography. "
Susana Rivero.
Works presented in Brazilian Studies, PRAXIS Bs.As. art gallery / Miami / New York.; AGALMA Bs.As. Art gallery.

120 x 80 cm

Pantheon (2004)

Family Photo Performance.
I take to the instance of “artwork” my family background, my "home" growth temple. They family of gods.
December 31 - January 1st = New Year.
Fiesta - meeting - tradition - renovation ...I play with them, they become imaginary beings, enhance crazy attitudes, new ones. My mom, my dad, my grandmother (Dad's mom), my grandfather (mom's dad), fragment ordinary time, stroll through the garden and meet and talk again, left alone, to meet again.
The Eternal Return.
The New Year.
Death and resurrection of cyclical time. Mask = person.
To personify = To be another.
The costume, I take them out of a historical world and become mythical beings. They are no longer Mirta, Osvaldo Rene and Marcelino. They have become without suspects in the people who support and structure a Pantheon.
My family, my relatives ... the possibilities and prohibitions laid down the laws of kinship.
The family claims kinship, it places each member of the group in one place, within a set. Creating a break into linear time, I intervene this group, giving back something of their essence, of animal life.

One afternoon

Vernissage (2003)

Fernanda Rotondaro - Ada Suarez - Anabel Vanoni.
Special Guest: Sandra Botner
Area: former tearoom. Harrods. Bs.As / Open Studio Series.
This project has been specially created to be performed at the Dining Hall of Harrods, the three characters take the aesthetics of the place and evoke a lost era of glamour.
In this dream-content and social performance we are introduce to a world of nostalgia in which three white ladies wrapped in thin paper hoops, spin and dance –like music box ballerinas- to the beat of violins and distant sounds of voices processed.
Red Wine
Crystal glasses
Toast, looks, minimal gestures and silent
Spin, eternal, while their clothes fall apart.
The signs of opulence and splendor are only remnants, and so they are.
Her clothes are stained red.
Red wine.
Photo documentation: Guillermo Faivovich

15 min
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad