Nushi Muntaabski

Nushi Muntaabski

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I love the art of performance, the photo performance, the video performance, the video and the short films. Here there are some images of previous works.

GEMSTONES (2005/2008)

Murals, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, decks, jars and tables.

Stella Blanchart


This series of Photomontages were made in reference to Grete Stern’s way of working: Taking pictures, gluing, assembling, and doing small portraits, re photographing, gluing and assembling again to photograph once again.

GLASS OBJECTS (2000/2008)

All these works were made with Venetian glass on different media such as wood, concrete and foam. They belong to different series: countryside series, the crystal zoo series and dolls series among others.

Works were made with Stella Blanchart

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Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad