Javier Barilaro

Javier Barilaro

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As palavras me aceitam como sou/As palavras tendem a ser inadequadas (2007)

When the Sao Paulo Biennale ended, I was invited to make to mural paintings at a cultural center (SESC Pompéia). We did that with the other participants of Dulcinea Catadora (equal to Eloisa Cartonera in Brazil) group we joined after the biennale. For the first mural we cut each letter and individually painted them. For the second one (but then, the words are never enough), we covered the wall with cardboard and carved the letters, then there was improvisation. Together with the mural we presented a Sao Paulo’s peripheral poets anthology.

Dancing between Piedras st. and the other one (2007)

Painting + performance. Maxi Jacoby invited me to decorate Isidro Miranda gallery’s showcase in San Telmo. I made a commemorative picture that among ather things, said “We found ourselves in Santiago de Estero Dancing between Piedras st. and the other one”, and I invited Gary Pimiento to play some tropical music on the street…

3 x 2 m

If life is an adventure (2007)

An aerial shoot of the Cornwall installation, in England, we kept adding and adding things all the time…

Everything but living automatically (2006)

6 cardboard pages giant book I made during the biennale. The Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn gave me his cardboard left over’s from his installations, so in the end I recycle art doing more art.

1,2 x 1,6 x 0,3m

Cool clothes (2004)

To present it we made a installation. Argentinean sausage’s sandwiches and live tropical music by Fantasma. There was some polemic in the media…

That we never run out of summer! (2007)

From the Salty, from 11/07 to 2/08 at Braga Menéndez gallery

3 x 2 m

Beautiful or interesting (2007)

From the Salty, from 11/07 to 2/08 at Braga Menéndez gallery

1,3 x 1,6 m

Diamond soul (2007)

From the Salty, from 11/07 to 2/08 at Braga Menéndez gallery

1 x 2 m (variables)

Free Cuba (2007)

Picture with mirror behind. From the Salty, from 11/07 to 2/08 at Braga Menéndez gallery

2,3 x 2,6 m (variable)

Somewhere in Paraguay (2006)

30 pictures, painted posters on paper and on canvass individually and then they all became part of a big collage.

1,2 x 2,5 m

Inappropriate (2004)

This was my first “only text” painting, I believe it’s my best poem, I tried to create a unify Latin American language, like Cucurto has. It was shown at Eloísa Cartonera space in ArteBA 2004.

1 x 2,10 m

Tropical music baby (2004)

Installation for the Eliosa Cartonera space in arteBA 2004, a “costumed” made picture for Cecilica Caballero to be collected.

2m x 2m (aprox)

Shockoramico (2004)

Specially made for the Civilization and revolution
travelling exhibition that has been in 5 Latin American cities, curated by Sonia Becce. It has fragments of Cucurto’s poem “Your love makes me feel like a Bolivian next to the sea…”. The lying painted girl is the Bolivian Eloísa, muse to Eloísa Cartonera.

2m x 2m

Temptation (2003)

1 x 1,5m

Nightmare (2003)

A nightmare that took place one December in Balcarce st. Nº50, Mayo Square...

40 x 60 cm

Craziness (2003)

My first giant picture, Eloísa is my model…

3 x 2 m

Merry go round (2003)

Every text is based on the book Black stuff, by Washington Cucurto, it was one of my first paintings and got the first prize in the Wipe Award

1 x 1,5 m

Tropicalopera (2003)

Luciana Paglia, a friend of mine found a muse in this painting and wrote a tropical opera, but we lack the will to produce it…

40 x 60 cm

At the Sao Paulo Bienale 2006 (2006)

In this photo you can see Erika, one of the Brazilian girls, selected by the ”Movimiento Nacional dos Catadores”, cardboard Brazilian workers, making books. We were 5 Argentineans working with our brazil guests doing books, there, every day.

Eloísa Cartonera at arteBA 2004 (2004)

Installations-pictures-book store-performance? At the Eloísa Cartonera space, we invited Fantasma to play tropical music live, Cucurto presented him. It, was very funny, you should have seen Orly Benzacar, Flor Braga Menéndez ad Gumier Maier [t. n.: two of the most reliable merchands in Buenos Aires and a very well known artist] trying tropical music...

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