Axel Straschnoy

Exhibition context of a Black Frame (2007-)

Exhibition context of a black frame is a box framework of 50 x 63 x 13 cm. with glass painted in black. The framework acts as a pinhole camera that supports film plate. Each time the exhibition context changes, it takes an image on slide film with the frame.

Camera (2007)

Camera was filmed between the 4 and 14 January 2007 at the MAA-TILA gallery in Helsinki.
A couple of lenses were installed in the gallery, the film transporting mechanism of a super 8 camera, a driver circuit and other parts. As a result it all together worked as a camera that was filming the street on which the gallery was located. Each exposure lasted 2 seconds. The gallery was open daily between 13:00 and 18:00 hs.
On May 11, 2007 at 19:00 the film produced by the camera /gallery was projected in the same space.
Collaboration: A Project by Axel Straschnoy. Produced by Piritta Puht / Kompis Tuotanto. Control Circuit by Gregoire Rousseau / Tuulanauhat Lab. Adaptation for the transport system by Vatanen / Camera Apu. Movies given and revealed by Andec Filmtechnik. Supported by Milla Moilanen / AVEK and Norden. Photos of the installation in Helsinki: Axel Straschnoy; of the projection in Helsinki: Piritta Puht; of projection in Buenos Aires: Thomas Lerner, of the projection in Copenhagen: Jacob Borges.

The Medley Sketch Workshop Projects (2006)

The Medley Sketch Workshop Projects is an attempt of showing a series of projects that were undertaken. From the point of view of this impossibility I gathered all I had left from them: Sketches, models, tests, notes, etc. and settled them at Dabbah Torrejon Gallery. Next to each item I wrote by hand a commentary on the work for which it was done, or had done or what role it played into a specific project. The installation invited the audience to walk among the objects, stopping by each one.

Tower (2005)

This is the story of an artist who wanted to outstand and shine above the others, so much, that during one exhibition at an art fair, he decided to collect all the garbage he found and put it under the stand in order to lift the floor. Although he tried to hide the garbage away with a carpet, some bags remained outside and the smell was pretty bad. And he was so busy upgrading his stand that he even forgot to hang his work on the walls!

Photo: Thomas Lerner. Camera video: Javier Villa.Video edition: Maximilian Scheggia. Technical Consulting: Markus Nevalainen Diego Horacio Abram Luján Segoura Jorma Puht. Technical Realization: San Martín Special Effects.

Surveying and Planning Division (2004)

This work consists of a sequence of 36 photographs that are displayed one per day. They are framed in a simple pine frame with a bronze plaque on which is written the name of the work
Under it, a series of "I"… have been hammered counting the exhibition days.
The photos tell the story of a map showing topographical and territorial divisions. From within, few orange characters emerge and begin to inhabit the space in a way that is diametrically opposed to the previously established definition of the map. These characters leave a trail of dirt. On this map they plant trees, build houses, make a river and a lake, have sheep and horses, all in a utopian lifestyle. The story has open ending.

Builder (2003/2004)

This project began as a sculpture studio within an exhibition. At the opening I brought a cardboard box with books of architecture, especially newly built mirrored skyscrapers. I cut those images that impressed me for its arrogance and continued to design my own-mirrored skyscrapers.
Then I use the studio itself as looting, construction material to build my creation. Once the construction is sufficiently advanced I open a locked box in the back of the shop where glass sheets are then cut and adhere to the building.
The project ends with a destroyed workshop and the building rising from its remains.
After being rejected by the curators who had commissioned it and the cancellation of another exhibition in which it was going to be shown, this has been exhibited as a project.

Urinal (2002)

Fotos por Carlos Huffmann y Julieta García Vázquez

35 x 30 x 65 cm.
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad