Leandro Yadanza

How to build a garden on a balcony (2008)


Medidas variables

Individual paintings –tryptich- (2007)

Medidas variables

Untitled –dyptich- (2007)

Medidas variables

On how to coexist with things (2007)

3 min. 09 seg.

I invite you celebtrate my birthday at your place! (2006)

Registro fotográfico y video.

Untitled (2005)

0,40m x 0,50m

Out of resentment...) (2005)

0,72m x 0,72m x 0,12m

That white calmness (2005)

0,72m x 0,84m x 0,12m

Decent and belligerent (2005)

0,72m x 0,72m x 0,12m

Crowding II (2005)

0,40m x 0,50 m

Crowding (2004)

0,35m x 0,35 m