Valeria Vilar

Valeria Vilar

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Imagen1 (2009)

1.90 x 1.40

Tourists (2009)

1.90 x 1.40

No son Diamantes (2009)

1,70m x 1,35m

Night dream (2008)

200cm x 150cm

Peronist’s Night (2008)

200cm x 170cm

Far (2008)

120cmx 100cm

Love pina (2008)

200cm x 150cm

Secrets (2008)

210cm x 135cm

Rebellion Second round (2008)

200cm x 145cm

Untitled (2007)

120cm x 90cm

City of God [TN: the title is in Portuguese] (2007)

119cm x 92cm

Short legs (2007)

170cm x 150cm

Who said this is how it is… (.)

Running away from myself (.)

Confusion (.)

We are all here (.)

Yellow country (.)

Flotation (.)

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