María Eugenia Regueira

María Eugenia Regueira

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Inhabit Project | drawing + painting + object + screen + installation (2012)

Solo Show | Inhabit Project | drawing + painting + silkscreen + object + installation | Alert Art Gallery | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - 2012

By Maria Eugenia Regueira

We could even imagine.

The domestic, and imaginations.
Diary of a mad housewife, I do not want.

Having imagined.

Things that are just.
("Those who make them are just imaginations" - said in his poem Holdering).

Imagine living.
Inhabiting building.
Re-inhabiting. Re-imagining.

Invade. but sweetly invade.
We are home.

Endowed with life, lived.

A world.

experience daily
Tell my own story.
Soak treasure.
The place.

Radical privacy.
Habit and I inhabit.

Thoughts inhabited.

We could even imagine.

drawings (2010-2011)

Series: "Puta pero limpita II" (limpita rags) | S / T | Serigraph s / absorbent cloth (valerina) (2010)

It is part of the Showcase WOMEN-1810-2010 Domestic work socially invisible-As part of the Argentine Bicentennial Celebration | National Bicentennial House | Curator Valeria Gonzalez | Buenos Aires, Argentina | March 2010.

It's part of traveling exhibitions ITINERANCIAS - Women-200 years.
Since his first exhibition at the National Bicentennial House - Secretariat of Culture of the President's Office between March 2010 and January 2012 the exhibition covers Argentina, thanks to the efforts jointly with provincial institutions.
He has also visited Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico.

1.50 x 1.20 m approx.

Series: "Puta pero limpita II" (limpita rags) | Serigraph (2009)

Serie: "mercados ambulantes" (Series: "street markets")

Series: "street markets" | Familie Taschen group show "A little steps of the capital" - Casa Ramos Mejía Station Museum - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 2008. -

Whore but clean digital (series) [Puta pero limpita digital (serie)] (2008)

Part of the the web project “Skin” [Piel] developed by Germina Campos, together with other artists, fall 2008.

Whore but clean (series) [Puta pero limpita (serie)] (2008)

Part of the Whores [Putas] exhibition, curated by Máximo Jacoby at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on August 2008.

• Miss Blem [Miss Blem] (2007)

Was part of the Available [Disponible] call for the “Work Poster Project” [Proyecto Cartel de Obra], by Ponchi, carried out in Santa Fe (Argentina) on April, 2007.

Pocket Hotel [Pocket Hotel] (2005)

Open Studio [Estudio Abierto] at Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires city with the group “Experiencies 3”, outside with “Pocket Hotel”, urban intervention. Art projects, coordinated by Alicia Herrero at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Buenos Aires University

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad