Raúl D'Amelio

The night of the crime (2008)

5 scenes of the spot where she was murdered.

Day_life (2008)

Animated "A day in life"

Untitled, diptych (2008)

Lights from the black water

Ophelia (2007)

What's putrid shows beauty

A day in the life (2005)

12 scenes in the life of a day
These photographs were shown at an exhibition called "Fader and me present" at MACRO, in September 2005. Here, you could see "A day in the life" (12 photographs, 2005) dialoguing with Fernando Fader's "The life of a day" (8 paintings, 1927), two groups of works that establish a timely and aesthetic bond that trascends formality.

Princess (2004)

50x80 cm

Aurelio and me (2004)

50x80 cm

Polyester (2004)

Auto spare part dealers from calle Corrientes.

Hand (2001)

Bodies and landscapes. Ezequiel Martínez Estrada used to call it the "inexpresive void" of the plains, the "unlimitedness of the plane Earth", the extension that -deserted- is inhabited by death. Works: Hand; female figure; Courbet and I, Good afternoon nice to meet you; May God keep your sight, All of them measuring 100x150cm.

Canasta meeting (2000)

100x150 cm

Plane Earth (2000)

50x450 cm

Subnatural (1999)

80x500 cm
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad