Pablo Accinelli

What the tide brings back in Vlissingen, by Allen Ginsberg [Lo que la marea devuelve en Vlissingen, de Allen Ginsberg] (2007)

Installation over a table of 200 cm x 100 cm, and framed graphical plot of 100 cm x 80 cm in photographic paper (Image: Poem in English).
Plastic, cellophane, milk packages, yogurt packages, blue and orange net bags, shells, paper bags, feathers, seaweeds, sticks, bricks, green leaves, pine branches, bottles with water, plywood, tobacco wrappings, coffee jar tops, milk bottle tops, rice packages, blue rope, old brown shoe, onion peel, white pieces of concrete, sea crackers, dish soap bottles, wood barks and wood boards, a brush, the top of a box, a removing spray, a little brown onion, a yellow cup, pictures of a boy with two walking sticks walking on the shore, a dead seagull, a blue sneaker, the handle of a bag, half a lemon, a bunch of celery, a little net, top of cork, grapefruit, rubber cloth glove, wet rockets, the plastic fender of a car, green helmet crashed in the middle, a twine knot, a naked tree log, a wooden stake, a bucket, plastic bottles, empty pasta package, a long grey plastic drum, bandage roll, glass bottles, cans, a Christmas tree, a rusted iron pipe, a portrait of Allen Ginsberg, piss.

200 cm x 300 cm x 100 cm

Activity of use (2007)

Homage to Oiticica [Homenaje a Oiticica] (2007)

Series of sport documents, intervened with ballpoint pens and markers.

Chromophagy, 3437 words [Cromofagia, 3437 palabras] (2006)

Thomas Hirschhorn Little School [Escuelita Thomas Hirschhorn] (2006)

Thomas Hirschhorn little School
Leopoldo Estol and Diego Bianchi in Belleza y Felicidad Gallery, 2005.

Can, white and black photocopies, red tape of packing, cuts of diaries, wrapped of brick, map, clocks of wall, blackboard, boxes of videos, ventilators, pipes of light, cardboards, carton, stickers, tins of Speed, cables, bottles of mineral water, wood of pine, caps, lanterns, magnets, delicious Mostera, chewing gums, seeds, frame with glass, Inca Kola, Christmas garlands, toothpaste of exaggerated size, tape of danger, refrigerator, hose, visors, toothbrushes, mirrors, alarm clocks, casings, screwdrivers, pins, hand clocks, phone carriers, notebook wrapper, spectacles, chains, pens, all kinds of scoreboards, tins of beer, tap washers, coaxial cable, small ball of mirrors, transparent packing tape, head massager, telephone, blocks of sheets, fretwork boxes, drill boxes, chair of plastic, CDs, bricks, silver foil, almanac, batteries, picture cards, tape paper, toy weapons, toy cellular telephones, toy video cameras, glasses of plastic, flash, slippers, television, video, plastic dinosaurs, big ball of mirrors, candies, lights of bicycle, tetrabrick packages, plastic gyratory hanger, delimitant posts, coins of chocolate, decorative little tree, exhibitor, lamps of firework, pipe of black light, audio tray, CD player, sheets, pliable beach chair, skull rattles, honey candies, chewable dentures, poster paper, black packing tape, preservatives, calculator, wrapping paper, ring-clocks, color prints , white and black prints, color photocopies, plastic posters, graphical plots on paper, seals, pack of cards, toy safety cameras, Sword of Saint George, brown packing tape, lighting hose, leopard bags, hammers, decorative strawberries, letters of Polystyrene, stairs, slippers of light, blockheads, sliding door, green packing tape, computers, printers, photograph frame, scissors, transparent plastic, trestles, shelf, foam rubber, aquarium, little plastic fishes, aquarium filtration device, doorbell, water, string, lamps, two-sided tape, wires, Polystyrene, extension cable, carpet, crystal plastic, foam rubber, flowerpots, ground, silver tape, rules, blocks of maps, photos, telephone directories, school desks, nails, screws, inflatable jet sky for babies, flexible tube of aluminum, brackets, threads of nylon, little flags of countries, meat pies, public telephone, vinyl mosaic, imitation Rio de Janeiro contact paper, big paste-ups of books, little plastic soldiers, screws, nuts, washers, books, cuts of magazines, Kinder eggs, sweet cakes, chalk, money-box, staples.

On December 15, 2006
Pablo Accinelli

Use activity 2 [Actividad de uso 2] (2006)

5 posters, each one with four titles of books; photocopy stores.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad